We urgently need funds

We are now ready to build our second boat using all that we learned during lockdown: particularly that the mental health benefits of this project are huge; and that having a shared sense of ownership of a thing is a source of tremendous pride and motivation for all who participate.

Make a one-off donation via Go Fund Me to help pay for tutor-led build sessions, materials, tools and all the other elements that go into creating a beautiful boat like Avocet.

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Avocet, Faversham's first St Ayles Skiff

A Message from Jude

Hi, I’m Jude Sach, one of the Directors of Cinque Ports Rowing CIC.

Very early in 2020 Alan Thorne and I formed this not-for-profit organisation to embark upon a community boat build project that we had conceived in partnership with various others in the town and with the support of Faversham Creek Trust.

Despite lockdown, we managed to build our first boat, a 22ft St Ayles Coastal Rowing Skiff called Avocet – isn’t she a beauty!

The project is specifically conceived to encourage community collaboration and cohesion by getting people to come along for tutored workshop sessions throughout the week to help build the boats.  Our youngest builders are aged 12 and our oldest to date is 73. Participation in the build is free but we ask people to make contributions if they’re able… even if it is to buy a packet of biscuits to keep the builders going!

The response from the town has been amazing and we are receiving new enquiries every day about the build and how people can get involved. To ensure that the boats get used we have managed to drive forward the establishment of a Faversham Rowing Club. We cannot wait to see the boats out on the water getting regular use by the people of Faversham and beyond.

Lockdown slowed us up, cost us money and restricted the people we could reach. The appetite to continue the project under more ‘normal’ circumstances is huge.

We are so desperate to crack on with boat number 250, any help you can offer will be very gratefully received.

Thank you for your interest in our lovely project!