This is the website for Cinque Ports Rowing CIC (community interest company). We are a not-for-profit entity that depends on charitable giving, grants and membership fees to fund our activities.

Our site is under development, and this is a holding page. Our full site will be coming soon.

Our home waters are Faversham Creek, Faversham, Kent; this is where, tide permitting, we row our boats. We also visit other waters, events and clubs. Our community boat building shed is where we constructed all our boats under the supervision and instruction of our wise and knowledgeable instructor, Alan Thorne. Whatever activity we do, a friendly and supportive community atmosphere is a fundamental ethos.

We hold regular “have a go” rowing sessions where we encourage everyone to have a try; buoyancy aid, instruction, a boat and an oar are provided free. Open to 12 to 120-year-olds at every level of fitness, agility and inexperience. Support, instruction and guidance provided.

Our beautiful boats are of a design/class called the St Ayles Skiff and adhere to the rules and regulations of the St Ayles Skiff International Association. They have a four-rower crew and one cox. They have traditional fixed seats, as opposed to modern, sporty rowing boats with seats that move for and aft on rollers, Matthew Pinsent style.

St Ayles skiffs are a traditional and ancient boat design that plied their trade in the choppy waters of the east coast of Scotland. The construction technique and materials have been updated to utilise modern materials such as plywood and epoxy resins; this makes the boats easier for amateur craftspeople to master and produces a lighter and less expensive vessel. The aim of the St Ayles project is to involve the community, so the design has been kept simple.

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