Build a boat, row a boat

Faversham is a coastal town, served by a tidal creek which once had thriving boatyards that even built a ship for the battle against the Spanish Armada in 1588. Sadly, for many people in our town, the last time they took to the water was for a channel ferry crossing. At Cinque Ports Rowing, we’re working on getting people back in touch with Faversham’s amazing maritime heritage by getting hands-on!

We’re building boats in Faversham!

The Cinque Ports Rowing community boatbuilding project is building its fourth St Ayles Skiffs – 22ft, coastal rowing skiffs that accommodate four rowers and a cox.

Participants in previous Boatbuilding Experiences in our area and more widely have described their participation as a tremendously positive experience that allowed them to learn new skills and understanding. It has been particularly helpful for those living with depression and anxiety, offering a calm, meditative environment in which to gently rebuild links with their local community.

Of course, once the Skiffs are built, there are endless opportunities for the local community to learn to row, race and generally muck about on the water – exercise, friendship and community.

We’re rowing boats in Faversham

We regularly row our St Ayle Skiffs on Faversham Creek in rowing events and races. Everyone is welcome, please give it a try. A short row is a great introduction if you have never rowed or it’s been a long time. You will be shown what to do, it’s not difficult, and you will see Faversham from a different perspective. Forthcoming events include the Skiffie Fest which is happening on the Coronation bank holiday weekend, 6-8 May 2023.

Get Involved in Boat Building

Participation in the project is free (however, if you can make a donation, it would be greatly appreciated). Tutor-led workshop sessions are available throughout much of the week, including after-school sessions and Saturdays when you will work as part of a small team on a St Ayles Skiff under construction.

Before you can book in to join us, please complete an Enrolment Form and return it to

How to find us?

We’re at the Purifier Building, to the rear of Morrison’s on North Lane, Faversham.

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